What would we like to do with Our Right of Revolution?

Something I believe to be a negative aspect of the intersection of political news and the internet/social media atmosphere: the notion that you should only share, re-post, and follow things that are directly aligned with your personal, or what ever entity you're involved with's, views.

I feel this creates echo chambers and polarization, observable at the micro level between individuals, all the way up through the independent media peons, finally breaking into the largest player companies and MSM. Overall, this polarization crushes dialogue and diversity, and I think it's stupid.

We're living in times where our biggest national and state newspapers and stations push politically-motivated, quack commentary in droves. We get coverage rooted in hive mind and groupthink, when it should be the news that keeps our government and public servants in check.

We shouldn't be washing feet and making excuses for every misstep made by the politicians on 'our side.'

Too much time gets spent regurgitating inorganic talking points, fed down the pipe from corporations with end games and political/financial interests of their own. We never escape the whirlpool conversations that endlessly suck us back to the primitive Republican vs. Democrat debate. It feels impossible to work together and solve things when the majority of coverage being blasted in your face speaks predominantly of their party affiliation interests, criticizing the opposition at all times.

Why wouldn't you, as an individual or political media entity, distance yourself from that polarization? It seems simple to me, really.

-Ensure that you share roughly as many viewpoints/news articles/media posts you absolute abhor and disagree with, as you do ones you admire.

-Encourage as many different team members and viewpoints as you can in the writer's room.

-And lastly, you stay true to yourself and your idea. Don't sell out.

That's what we're trying to do with "Our Right of Revolution."

(FB page is still Politics Aside, for now😅)

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