What's Going on with the 'Hard Times' Section of this Page?

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog covering all things depression/anxiety, that later delves into some lifestyle along the way. (Perhaps branching out into more mental health after a while.)

My first priority is to provide self-help. I’d like it be widely encompassing and informative in the areas of behavioral psych, fitness/health, and pharmacy, supplemented by new scientific discoveries and personal tips/tricks learned along the way. Not that I’m an expert at all.

Furthermore, and almost as important as my first priority because they tie together....

I’d also like it to be a platform that offers room for artistic expression. It’ll start out with my own writings and drawings for now, maybe some voice recordings on corresponding topics, eventually working towards incorporating a podcast. But I’d love for it to become a reader-submission kind of deal, if the blog were fortunate enough to make it that far. The arts are very expressive and I’ve come to think of connecting with others who are experiencing similar feelings as central to healing. I think it would be awesome to provide a place where people could relate their darkest internalized emotions because, sometimes, actually speaking to someone about them is difficult.

I have a lot of awesome friends on here, let me know if this idea would be something y’all are interested in seeing me do/interested in contributing to.


Matt Hirst

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