Valley Ranch Neighbors Show Patriotic Colors at Parade

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Photo by: Matt Hirst

The Valley Ranch Association hosted 4th annual Popsicle Parade at Saddlehorn Park on Friday, June 29. The evening offered Irving residents an opportunity to come together, relax, enjoy each other’s company, and celebrate.

With the Valley Ranch Association’s event staff providing party supplies, family and friends were encouraged to decorate their bikes, wagons, and scooters with patriotic trimmings in preparation for the parade.

DJ’s kept the party alive attendees and volunteers alike enjoyed the bounce house, water slide, glow stick and sparkler stands, frozen treats, and basketball court.

“The great thing that CCMC, our management company, does is allow our communities to have these lifestyle programs that bring the neighbors together,” said Brock Wright, Lifestyle Director at Valley Ranch. “So it’s an opportunity for neighbors to hang out or even meet each other, maybe have their kids meet new friends if they didn’t have the time during the week, or whatever the case may be. This is a special time to come together and be able to mix and mingle and make new friends.”

Attending recreational activities offers a great way to network and make friends while participating in the community.

“It’s good to share with the community as a volunteer,” said Reba Yasin, an Irving resident and event volunteer. “It’s nice, because I can find friends here. I communicate with them through this community, and I meet a lot of people.”

As the parade started, kids took the initiative, lining up in rows that spanned the entire street’s width in their self-authored patriotic garb.

“We got to sing the National Anthem, listen to fun music, and make our stuff look awesome while celebrating America,” Joey Castillo said. “I ate a popsicle, and then my mom pulled my wagon in the parade. I was so excited to be in the parade; I’ve never done that before.”

There was no lack of excitement in the air or on the kids’ faces.

You can view a brief video from the parade here:

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