Two Specific Emotions

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

May 5, 2017, 1:39 PM

Two specific emotions ride shotgun when an individual is staring out at open water. Fear and wonder. There's an inexplicable fear associated with the realization that when one is stranded in the ocean, you are almost totally helpless. I say almost not to discredit or kill the motivation for survival attempts, but to simply convey the immense feeling of terror.

In that moment, the reality dawns upon you that we have so little control over so much in this life. Not one soul has all of the answers and I know that I certainly have very few.

I'm still feeling hopelessly lost at sea, but now, the atmosphere has switched from despair and hopelessness to a motto that screams never say die.

Instead of focusing on being lost and at this world's mercy, I strive to take solace in the fact that despite possessing no destination in sight, every kick I take brings me closer to some coastline somewhere. The comfort comes not from knowing where I'll end up, nor by what avenue, but from the belief that I'm getting closer to where I'm supposed to end up. Just keep kicking, one leg at a time.

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