Two Party Sh*tstem

How egotistical is it to think that your political opinions should govern an entire nation? A nation that serves as home to almost 330 million people from all across the globe.

It’s a selfish and closed-minded belief, selfish and closed-minded being two words I find aptly descriptive of the two-party system. And it’s frustrating that the mass media so expertly manipulates our bulk susceptibility to tribalism, especially when we see that generations of society haven fallen for it over and over.

Why do we allow for constant media maelstrom that works to tirelessly hyperbolize the state of our national divide and affairs, when everyone knows that such a media atmosphere works against the public’s best interest? Why do we allow it when everybody knows that our racial and political relationships are far better in reality than what we are being told they are by the media?

Not only that, why do we discuss our national social issues on the macro-scale so much differently and more aggressively than we do the micro? It makes no sense that we can’t continue pleasantly when kicking casual conversation up to the discussion of issues and solutions on a grand scale, and we shouldn’t buy into the media’s warped narrative and example that such animosity is necessary. We should be able to think practically when finding solutions in compromise, instead of solely considering legislation that pleases our subjective personal morality.

The state of our media is pissing off a lot of people, me included, and the power to reject unequivocally biased and party-aligned media is in the hands of the American citizen.

It shouldn’t be blacks against whites and Democrats against Republicans. It should be the working class pushing back against our domineering and greedy government, our deceitful media, and the associated politicians and elite. The longer these entities are allowed to pollute the lower ranks with media cycles of division-inducing propaganda, the longer the working class will be held back intellectually, much to the fault of our own inactivity.

There’s a massive sect of Americans in the middle of the spectrum who feel forgotten and frustrated by the current political climate, annoyed by being branded with political affiliations not wholly indicative of their views. Amidst the screaming and bitching from the vocal minorities on both sides of the aisle in the name of identity politics come personal realizations that the two-party system and the corresponding tribalism it breeds need to die for American society to take its next meaningful step.

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