“This Ain’t Just Another Election”

I’m probably hammering the largest betting lines I can find for Trump ahead of this election. And that doesn’t have much to do with my affiliation.

So many experts think he doesn’t stand a chance. What are they watching? Oh yeah, the same ol’ media. The same ol’ polls.

But yes... I’m sure they worked out the polling flaws this time.

Well, I’m watching the same ol’ shit I did leading up to 2016, when I was right about Trump having the chance most never thought possible. Also, “most” is a funny word when Trump got so many votes in that election.

I’m sorry. Was the majority of the Right supposed to have left their party while the Left and media have been making increasingly bigger fools of themselves than ever over the past four years? Honesty everywhere has gone out of the window. People endlessly spin things whichever way suits them, and our media is the #1 culprit.

You can try to sell me on decorum, etiquette, and what a President should be all you want... but that sort of kindness and open-mindedness from the Left often falls short in application. I know failure in application seems to be the nature of human collaboration, but still. What are we doing?

Yeah, you want equality and equity for everybody.

I agree, but you sacrifice both at the altar of cancel culture. It makes me wonder sometimes. Fox News is generally stupid, but that’s one outlet. What’s the Liberal media’s excuse? They own so much of it all, and still can’t make use of it. And they surely don’t use it for good.

What’s funny is, they don’t even use it well. Hmm. If leftist political media is so inefficient, why? Is that just the case across the entire spectrum, or is it because the average American is smarter than we‘re led to believe? Perhaps, at which I feel my pessimism wane, but only for a minute. After all, the world is how it is, and that seems, to me, to take a lot of stupidity.

We are living in insane times. People are so distracted and misled that they’ve become blind. This happened literally four years ago.

And if I’m wrong? I’ll have been sadly mistaken about how much power the American media holds over the people.

I don’t even know what Trump being such a lunatic and me no longer having much to say about it says about me these days...

Perhaps that I’m exhausted, be that of him or simply of it all.

You could spend all day picking Donald apart at an individual level. At many other levels, too. But you can do that to anyone over anything. You can do that over SCOTUS nominees and their religion.

The amount of people who don’t realize the influence our national media has in their hatred of Trump is even more tiresome. It’s scary because it could happen to anyone, and this precedent-set of harming reputations ensures that such will happen more going forward.

People hate Trump and don’t even know why. Or they do know why, and it is a very valid reason. Cool, hate him. Or, or, or... it’s something dishonestly spread by the media. The different possibilities here play out daily, but I digress.

If I’m wrong, that’s fine, but I’ll be dismayed. The alternative to me – a Biden landslide – would mean people are so vapidly invested in PR and what our media wants to push over reality.

I tend to lose people with comments like that, because they assume I’m a Trumpster. That’s your problem. No, I just hate them all.

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