The United States of Egotistical Journalists

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

August 16 at 2:04 PM

There’s this idiotic notion that journalists should be collectively offended by criticisms of the press.

And it’s a hilariously egotistical mindset, one that constantly relies on insecurity and playing the victim, alongside hyperbolizing one’s own importance to the whole that is journalism.

That’s the funniest part about it. Seeing how journalists act personally attacked when not specifically attacked at all, as if their work even carries the credibility demanded for a spot at the table in the first place.

Social media has done much to hurt the quality of journalism, allowing poor candidates to claim the profession as their own and impacting the state of our journalistic integrity.

Here’s an idea: if you’re feeling hurt by criticisms and opposition to your work, do a better job or quit.

Don’t bitch your way into having your ideas accepted, prove them.

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