Was That 60 by Dustin Johnson the Most Disappointing 60 Ever?

People are whispering – was that 60 by DJ the most disappointing 60 ever?

I’m not sure, but that gives me the idea for another article. Regardless, you’ve got to admit it’s a little funny that everybody was expecting DJ to so easily card a 59... as opposed to not worrying he could very well go on a bogey-train at anytime😂

AND THEN, the way 18 played out?! What should be a gimme birdie... What the hell!

DJ was blistering today, going -11 through his first 11 holes and a silly -6 through the first four.

Then? He sort of just petered out. And all the while, viewers waited for the one last, seemingly inevitable birdie DJ needed to shoot 59.

Somehow, that never came.

But, not with #18, you’re surely asking yourself. That’s what we thought.

And so, almost fatefully, it came to 18. There, DJ proceeded to bomb it 323, but came up with a bad lie and had to lay up despite only having 213 yards in.

He then laid up to 83 yards out on what was a 131 yard shot from the shitty lie, from which he proceeded to hit his approach to 23’ 10”.

Contrary to the end result, DJ’s approach shot here looked and was far better than its end result.

It was only about five yards short, dying into the ridge in front of the pin and spinning back a couple of more yards from there.

Then, DJ missed the putt left and long.

How average, yet suspenseful that last seven holes was to watch is hard to put into words. And yes, I know how absolutely ridiculous it is to be bitching about a 60. Of course, it was still a hell of a round.

Was that the most disappointing 60 ever? I’m not sure historically, so I’ll have to rely on other people’s experience until I research it on my own. But shit, that sure felt pretty disappointing.

What I do know, though, is this. That 60 was still good enough to put DJ in solo first, for now, and that’s just about as on-brand for him as the blown 59😂

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