Students Display Art in Irving Arts Center

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Photo by: Matt Hirst

Students, families, and friends celebrated Irving ISD’s Annual Student Artwork Exhibition during the High School Senior Portfolio Reception at the Irving Arts Center on Tuesday, May 1.

Student art was displayed in the both the Main and Focus Galleries, where seniors in the Irving ISD AP Art program were allotted gallery space for roughly two weeks to show off their personal masterpieces from the semester.

“It feels pretty crazy, man,” Eric Zapata, a first year art student, said. “Usually, I’m not around these kinds of people, so whenever they look at my stuff, take it seriously, and say that something is a really good design I feel really good.”

“It means a lot, especially to me, because when I went through high school, we didn’t have a lot of notoriety for the art program,” John Tahaney, an Irving ISD art teacher, said. “That’s kind of what drew me into the profession. I wanted to make it different for the students who followed me. It means a lot to have an AP program, to have a senior display, and then to have a gallery like this where they can show it. Not just one night, but where it’s up for a couple of weeks where people can see and enjoy it.”

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