Socialist Ideologies

When confronted with socialist ideologies during random conversation, I’ve gained an appreciation not for the efficiency of the practices, but for the hearts of the people that sit behind them. This election cycle brought out the worst of both parties- a time where massive numbers of people are having their belief systems tested and challenged, I think it’s natural to unwillingly allow emotions to consume you. The Bernie-toting loons and socialism fanboys truly do come from a loving place… but unfortunately, it’s also a place of delusion and misconception.

A lot of us have dreams and aspirations for saving the world. Socialism seeks fair avenues by which to fulfill that dream, but you need not even leave the writer’s room to tell that the philosophy only works out on paper. I’ll just cover a short point that I think is a fundamental shortfall of socialism.

Steep drop-off in the motivation of working class laborers in socialist societies is inexorable and it has been seen in action before. Logically, it doesn’t make much sense to still believe socialism is a viable option for the betterment of this nation. What’s difficult about drafting up methods by which to govern is that the success relies solely on full, honest commitment from the people. Human psychology destroys any chance for success in the socialism model. The greed, laziness, and lack of drive exhibited by people when incentives are extinguished is clear, but there’s no way to change that. We study infinite subject material in sociology and psychology so we can better understand how humans interact but there’s still the volatile human factor. It would be nice to be able to spread the wealth so that no one has to feel the pain of living a life in poverty. The most productive way to make a difference is through charity.

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