Santa Meets Families at Epic Waters


Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark hosted Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, Dec. 22. Families were invited to enjoy stories, pictures, and a warm meal with Santa.

The party eventually moved from breakfast upstairs down to the waterpark, where the kids and parents roamed over the waterpark’s 80,000 square feet and 11 waterslides.

“The facility is owned by the city, originally financed through a quarter of a cent sales tax increase that was voted for a long time ago,” said Michael Hays, general manager for Epic Waters. “This facility was by the community, so in the different activities and events, we want to give back to the community that voted yes. That’s where Breakfast with Santa really came about.

“It’s pretty reasonably priced, because we want it to be affordable for all guests, and once you’re done, you’re able to go into the water park, enjoy it, and have a nice breakfast with your family. It’s an all-encompassing event in one location. We have something other places can’t provide, this wonderful building.”

Since its grand opening on Jan. 12th of last year, Epic Waters has hosted many private and public events, including 4,000+ birthday parties.

“Seeing the expressions of the kids was definitely the best part,” said Jannett Cisneros, marketing manager at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark. “I was doing all the taking of family pictures. It was the parents’ faces too. They loved it.

“Our Santa was amazing. I did the photoshoot with him around the park, and he’s such a fun guy. We got him in a lifeguard tank and swimming trunks. He’s definitely all for it. The first Breakfast with Santa, he swam with the kids for a little bit and got in the kid’s area for the photoshoot.”

The kids had a great time. The facility’s retractable roof and consequential 85-degree temperature, bested the day’s high of 66°F and low of 45°F.

“It’s the first time we have been here,” Anny Frey said. “It’s a really gorgeous place, and I love all of this. You know, having breakfast with Santa, the kids enjoy it a lot. It’s still a new experience, but we have really enjoyed this waterpark so far.”

As Epic Waters moves into the new year following a rather successful 2018, they look forward to hosting more community events and finding better ways to reach the local community.

“After New Year’s, we have our one-year party coming up,” Cisneros said. “That is Jan. 12, and we’re going to introduce our mascot. We’re planning on having mascots from around Grand Prairie and just different mascots here to celebrate his first birthday. We’re going to have a cake, raffles and activities all day as a little birthday celebration.”

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