Politics - The Business of Prescribing Treatment

I bet a lot of people loved Cory Booker just now.

But one thing I’ll never understand about the Left is, why must other peoples’ health issues also be mine?

Is it because that’s the only way you can logically convince people to buy into our shitty healthcare system?

The fact of the matter is, people should not have to live without healthcare.

But my taxes shouldn’t have to pay for other people’s shitty health either.

Call me shallow; I don’t care. Just trying to promote a conversation about what taxes are supposed to be or should be.

Like, if this country wants to allocate my taxes toward other people’s health, why don’t they spend it on gym memberships and nutrition?

Kidding. Everybody knows government doesn’t spend efficiently, or even correctly.

It also doesn’t treat the source of issues.

Oh that’s right. It’s about the business of prescribing treatment, just like it is in the medical world.

Would haaaaaate for people to figure out how to eat properly😂

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