Partisan Politics-ception

Crazy how much less politically interested I’ve become since the 2016 election and it’s directly due to accepting that the majority of people discussing politics are idiots who will crush fruitful dialogue and never admit their own party’s faults. And honestly, plenty of that is aimed towards my fellow conservatives. We already knew you e-liberals were like this, but as a conservative who didn’t vote for Trump because I thought it was an embarrassment to the party, the Trump-toting conservatives have pissed me off for a while now.

Sure, Trump gets results, but that isn’t even the conversation. The problem is that he gets results while looking like and being an asshole 24/7, unabashedly casting a negative light on those who identify as conservative, and it’s embarrassing.

The irony and hypocrisy we see everywhere in this country on the political daily is literally hilarious to me, to the point where I had to largely step back and disassociate from caring about politics because it’s so illogical. The conservative way of life teaches you to take extreme care with your reputation and image, while respecting yourself and others, pursuing an honest living blah blahblah... yet, the Right sure was quick to jump ship on all of that bullshit when the pendulum of political power shifted back, huh?

Mind you, I know many feel as I do, but those who agree are generally the smart people that don’t get into political discussion online... but, it’s absurd to me that some conservatives and Christians alike will defend, and even proclaim support for, Donald as some type of justified retaliation to Obama’s liberal eight years. I guess I hoped conservatives were the “bigger people,” but what am I kidding, it’s politics and that doesn’t exist.

When does American politics stop being a back and forth of proudly one-upping how hard the other party can support a shitty candidate, followed by refusing to admit their shittiness?

In the time leading up to, during, and since ONE election, all parties involved have shown me how stupid politics are, and I already had that figured out early enough to skip voting in my first vote-eligible election. And even that was two years ago, when I still felt majorly loyal to the Republican Party.

Besides the economy, one thing I like is how Trump is shaking up the system... I just hope he’s taken with the rest of the shit when they drain the swamp.

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