Oklahoma State, Comparative Psychology, and Praying Mantis Sex

A female Praying Mantis cannibalizing the male after sex.
Raunchy, innit?

So I was just daydreaming, and I got to thinking about how a buddy and I needed a natural science credit one year at OSU. In what I like to pretend was good faith, his advisor suggested we take a “nice and easy” psychology class.

That son of a bitch lied, and PSYC 3113 ended up being far higher of an undergraduate psych class than we ever needed.

At that, it was alleged to be fairly difficult. Wonderful! Just our luck... The two business majors who give no shits about psychology in a classroom atmosphere where they also randomly take attendance. Ah yes, the cards were stacked against us.

The class was Comparative Psychology. There, we took a very, verrrrrryyyy deep dive into behavioral characteristics from species all over the animal kingdom. I don’t remember much else, but *checks notes* we also learned about things such as how to design comparative experiments and how comparative psychology is important within day-to-day life.

To summarize, I’ve never had harder tests. Each was 50 questions, of which there were absolutely no gimmies – that means all open answer, short answer, or list-based. Not so coincidentally at all, that was probably the most I have ever learned in a class to date.

Chalk that up to being challenged, interested, or perhaps just because of the absurd all-nighters we used to pull for those exams. I always knew better, but I always put my studying off until the night before. My buddy generally didn’t... Be like my buddy😂 Still got A’s, though!

Those nights, though they generally sucked, were some of the best. Funnily enough, and I don’t know why, but I look back on that class fondly. The friendship, no doubt, but also because of how relatively simple it all was, be that life and whatever else. Being lost seemed easier than. Life seemed easier then. Oh, dear Matt, you’re just romanticizing the past like you always do.

Or maybe, it’s just because I still find my final paper hilarious. While everyone seemed to cover your classic and run-of-the-mill bullshit, I wrote on how some species of female Praying Mantises cannibalize their male partners after sex.

Well… When it’s good enough, at least😂

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