Oh, Skip. What Ever Will We Do With You?

Let me preface this, which I generally never do. For what it’s worth, I have had huge, constant battles with depression and anxiety. I’ve been at rock-bottom because of it and have done a lot of stupid shit. With that, though, I’ve been born anew with the dreams I found; trust me, it’s not all that bad and I’m better off for it.

Now, this take is in no way to discredit how serious mental issues are, and more so to make the point that life goes on.

So how do we manage?

At some point, I’ll return and write a bit about managing depression and anxiety in the day-to-day, because that’s a completely different conversation than this. But I digress...

Were y’all really still going to Skip Bayless for your sensitivity and nuance?

For what it is worth, Skip’s not totally wrong. It was just kind of a boomer take and not something I would ever say in terms of my soft skills and EQ. For whatever reason, some age demographics just really don’t know what to say on TV, regardless of what their personal beliefs are. More on that here.

Moving on. There’s nothing wrong with looking for help, going to seek it, and having those troubles, even in a public setting. But I feel like that public part of the equation is a big thing for Skip and the more conservative crowd…

It’s no secret that conservative families hide issues with family, health, and drugs. Is that better than being open? No, probably not for managing yourself emotionally, but you’re not sharing your business with the entire world. Why should or would you?

Now, I understand athletes are completely different in terms of their platform and responsibilities there, and I love Dak all the more for mentioning his troubles because the reach was surely tremendous.

But I do see what Skip is saying... People are often dismissive and/or even downright mean about mental illnesses they don’t understand, as was Skip. Furthermore, I can’t help wondering how the worst players in the league will hold that against Dak.

I’d hope they wouldn’t, and support seems widespread enough throughout the league, but that’s PR. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if at any point someone makes a derogatory remark toward Dak over it.

I mean, assholes will do that and anything they can to logically dismiss mental illness anyway. I hope this little episode, though, does much to show that nobody is exempt from pain and mental issues. In fact, the larger you get, the worse it probably gets.

All I’m saying is, considering the outrage I saw, I expected what Skip said to be way worse. And that’s from someone who was outraged upon even hearing that Skip had talked shit on mental issues.

Also, last point to be a little bit of a dick... Dak wasn’t working out?

I used to cry at work and just stare straight at the screen so no one could see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Then, I’d go save my life at the gym at night.

I understand hurting and not wanting to get out of bed, but I don’t really understand not working out when you make millions of dollars to do so.

The world, albeit sad, doesn’t wait for you. Especially when you’re a part of the American elite.

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