Oak View Baptist Church Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Show Offers Variety

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Photo by: Matt Hirst

Motorheads and their loved ones had the opportunity to come out to Oakview Baptist Church in Irving to appreciate vehicles during their annual Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Show presented on Saturday, May 5.

The warm weather, company, and music set the atmosphere for the show. There were El Caminos and Mustangs, classic Thunderbirds, Ford Falcons, modern Mercedes GT Coupes, and even a racetrack-tested Corvette.

“It’s beautiful to see the intricate differences in everybody’s taste,” Bobby Dorman said. “You could have two cars of the same model sporting totally different looks, like with some of the Mustangs and Camaros out here. It’s interesting to come out and see the different styles and parts other cars are using. It makes you think and provides an entertaining learning experience.”

“I think it’s great for the younger demographic. I started working on cars with my father when I was about five years old,” Curtis Jackson said. “It taught me a strong work ethic early on. “Mechanics possess a pretty valuable toolset. I think nurturing interests like that at young ages are a great way to address the forgotten importance of our trade industries.”

Attendees could enjoy taking pictures and exploring the barbecue food options made available throughout the afternoon. As the time approached 2:30 p.m., the judges took their last looks at all of the vehicles before assigning scores.

“What’s fun is when you mix up something you love with competition,” John Watson said. “Even if you don’t take home a trophy, it’s a great atmosphere out here, and you can always learn something from the other cars. Everyone is really inviting here, because it’s something we all love.”

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