My Shallow, Human Analysis of the First Trump-Biden Debate

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Wrote a little about last night’s debate. Interwoven with my thoughts on it will be more than a few things I’ve talked to friends about.

I include that disclaimer from time to time because I don’t want friends to think our conversations weren’t authentic or meaningfully between just us. Using such conversation is simply an easy way to share thoughts and put out content in a more informal way.

It seems to me that older folks and those of a more liberal affiliation thought last night was awful. Talk to me.

Did y’all really think it was that bad? Or was it just bad because it’s upsetting how silly our options are, and how Trump won’t shut up?

Granted, I’m aware that some of me not thinking it was so bad is me having basically devolved into political degeneracy 😂💀

But that derives from how I think you gain an audience and hold their attention in the face of a media establishment that is gunning for you. It seems to me that, sometimes, there’s a certain flamboyance that comes alongside the most efficient crowd workers, whether they have talking points or not.

People tend to forget that amidst their search for diplomacy in politics, they’re playing us like a game. It’s a game to the point they shape their beliefs over decades to whatever views will bring them power or retain it, lying directly to our faces to do so.

We also have the media to thank for that slip in decorum. The past four years have been vicious, and the atmosphere has fueled the degradation of traditional diplomacy on all sides. It’s silly when people say it’s only Trump, but his Democratic opposition does tend to behave better for the camera.

Rant aside, I found last night to be far better than it could’ve been, and I thought they both carried themselves decently well.

But of course they’re going to say dumb shit. Of course Trump is going to talk.

Trump did pretty damn well, in my opinion. But of course he blows it and gives the media something to slander him over by choosing not to discuss the Proud Boys and pivoting away from it.

”Stand back and stand by” seems to be getting overblown to me; he should have known that. And despite it, he had an amazing minute or so talking about race stuff earlier. So why can’t he put his pride aside and condemn conservative extremist groups in the moment? I don’t know. I really don’t. It would make things easier for him. He could’ve condemned all, but he didn’t, so what are we supposed to think about it?

Of course Biden’s not going to answer some questions, or he is gonna flat out lie at points. The Green New Deal answer was a lie. Calling pregnancy a pre-existing condition made me cackle, in the saddest possible way, because I think this country has lost touch on the abortion issue.

Also, I’m curious as to whether the wire stuff is bullshit or what, because if it is, Biden’s mental health seems to be in far better of a place than conservative media has been spinning. Then again, I already figured that was somewhat the case, because a) people shit on others with reckless abandon in politics over mental issues, and b) I fucking hate them all for it.

I don’t mean not to hammer Trump on stupid shit; I just think it’s expected. As for Biden, I would say more, but I just think he carried himself pretty damn well. Considering how him telling Trump to shut up was the worst thing he really did, even then, a lot of America loved it.

I won’t pretend I’ve tuned into many debates other than the last election because I don’t have much attention span for the BS. But I covered City Council and mayoral political forums leading up to elections in Dallas, and last night was authentically one of the most entertaining ”debates” I’ve ever seen. It was just surreal. And I’m not sure I mean entertaining in a good way. I’m just kind of like, wow, I can’t believe they held it together that much while being that intense.

But in talking to friends and considering the thought myself, the nature of these debates really do suck, and need to be changed. In the least, you probably need a moderator with more of a spine and edge. Chris Wallace did fantastically, but I think he’s just not the person. There seemed to be some inherent ego thing with him being talked over, where all he was there for was to facilitate conversation and steer. I’m not calling the job easy, especially with Trump testing you every step of the way, but we need someone harder.

Furthermore, I think they should be able to respond to each other a bit more. There are a lot of things that are huge points that we don’t really get to hear too much on...

For that, I slightly sympathize with why Trump wants to talk so much. I think it kind of sucks that we have to gloss over things, where both candidates don’t even get to come back and respond. Therefore, it should probably be much longer form. And yes, I know how painful that would be with these two.

Yet, despite agreeing that we need better debates, I think we’re too far gone with these two. And I’m not even sure how you would structure it. With a speaking stick, as if we were in kindergarten? A friend in one of my group texts suggested cutting their mics in accordance with their allotted time, which I find to be smart but funny. Because the application of it seems far-fetched to me.

None of these damn media entities are going to put a leash on either of these guys, for sake of views and the insanity. As part of that, I was thinking about how manipulating video clips from debates is essential to both campaigns.

So, what? Do we really think they want an end to the madness? Biden appealing to decorum is just him playing the game because it’s the smart thing to do. We all know he wants to talk as much as Trump is. He says outrageous and rude things on the campaign trail all the time, so kudos to him for holding it together last night.

I know this is shallow in terms of actual point for point analysis; it’s partially due to not having time yet, but mostly because I feel like there wasn’t a lot of substance last night. Wanted to see more concrete platform talk.

I intend to rewatch to absorb more from it, but chances are I won’t get around to that more in-depth analysis for this first debate. I’ll either get a summary podcast together in the coming days, or just prepare to do so in written and perhaps podcast form for the second debate next Wednesday.

Adding this at 12:22 PM CST for humor’s sake:

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