Music, Food & Fun Equals Taste of Irving

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Photo by: Matt Hirst

Family and friends gathered for an afternoon full of food, fun, and music during the Taste of Irving outdoor festival presented at Cimarron Park Recreation Center on Saturday, May 12. Throughout the day, guests could enjoy live music, dance performances, children’s activities, and the menu items of more than 20 food trucks.

“It’s great to be out here. This is my first year, and I thought the turnout was amazing,” said Chris Jacko, owner of the Itis food truck. “The events throughout the day brought a lot of people, which made for a warm and exciting atmosphere. Working with the Taste of Irving and seeing such a strong turnout is a delight and really beneficial to us food truck owners who are trying to get our names out there. It’s nice to work together for everyone’s benefit.”

Between face painting, rock climbing, inflatable rides, and food, the kids kept themselves and their parents busy. When not focused on the carnival activities, attendees spent their time frequenting the other attractions made available by Taste of Irving’s new efforts for this year’s festival. On top of the pre-existing Art Institute of Dallas Culinary Stage and the Children’s Performance Zone, the Taste of Irving’s new activity additions included numerous music tents and dance performances, such as the Dallas Black Dance Theatre’s children’s dance.

“The festival today, from the amenities to the games to the food, has been so well done. But the music is my favorite part of this festival and that aspect has been just fantastic,” Steve Haley said. “We’ve had so much variety, so much to choose from. Blues bands, orchestra violinists, the Feast of Latin Vibrations segment earlier today on the CBS stage. There’s even a jazz tent. Taste of Irving did a great job this year by expanding the art performances. It seems they did very well in providing a selection where everyone can find something fit to their own liking.”

The Baylor Scott & White Blues Tent hosted artists such as Leo Hull and Andrew Jones, while the Irving Symphony Orchestra Patio held classical violinist Marek Leszczynski, and the Jazz Tent hosted numerous different artists and instruments throughout the day, stretching from vocalist Clate Bowen to guitarist Peter Weise.

The CBS 11 Main Stage offered a variety of programs throughout the day. The day kicked off with the Feast of Latin Vibrations, where Marcelo Berestovoy and Joel Pipkin started off the session with a Latin-classic filled guitar duo. They were followed by a flamenco performance.

“It’s beautiful to be able to bring family out to enjoy some music with roots in our heritage,” Gloria Flores said. “The festival brought some great musicians out here. What better addition to the fun and food than great tunes?

“I love Taste of Irving,” six year-old Johnny Hernandez said. “You can get all the food you want right here, then there are games and music everywhere else around us. I watched the dances with pizza and a snowcone. I think today was the best day ever.”

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