Mr. Right / The Messenger

I wish sunlight stayed 24/7

That emptiness didn’t come every night

And I can’t stop replaying the things that you said

That I’m just not the right Mr. Right

And I s’pose I should‘ve seen it all coming

All the things you no longer shared

I should‘ve known that less songs and faux-collaborative prayers

Meant I’d murdered your ability to care

And it’s funny cuz the music and the pictures

All the fucking TikToks and the prayers

I hated half of that shit

But I guess that’s just how it is

When you‘re fighting your nature for hers

“Irreconcilable differences,” she said

“We’ll be better off at last.”

“I felt both of us just got it.”

“It wasn’t going to last.”

Well the messenger got lost, I guess

And in the fucking mess you left

I’ll sleep tonight

without the messenger


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