Miss Mature Pageant honors age, beauty

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Miss Mature Irving Pageant Honors Age & Beauty


Four lovely women competed in the Miss Mature Irving Pageant presented in the Irving Arts Center on Friday, Oct. 5.

The ladies kept the evening lively as they introduced themselves, performed, and answered questions with grace. In the end, Nina Elizalde Crocker, a team-managing CPA by day, belly-dancer extraordinaire by night, and all-the-time family woman took the crown home. Nina was also honored as Mrs. Congeniality by a vote of her peers. Rebecca Scherschell was named the pageant’s First Runner Up.

“I met some incredible women in the Ms. Mature Irving Pageant, and overcame many limitations and fears with their help and love in order to make a dream come true,” Crocker said. “I hope to continue to meet new people and have new experiences in serving the community. I am Irving proud, and I treasure the diversity, community and location of this city. My goal is to add value to the community in any way I can.”

The show commenced with opening statements by the evening’s emcee, Cathy Whiteman, producer and director for Irving Community Television Network.

Not all contestants approach the show knowing their talent.

“Most of them have never done a pageant” said Pat Davenport, a recreation specialist for the Irving Parks and Recreation Department, and long-time director of the show. “One of them even said, ‘It’s my bucket list item. It’s just something I’ve always wanted to try.’

“A lot of them say, ‘Well, I have no talent.’ I say, ‘Leave that to me, that’s what I do.’ Some say, ‘I’m scared to do that,’ and I say, ‘You speak in public. You talk to people all the time.’ It’s not that different. As far as talent, I talk to them about their hobbies, things they like, and we create something.”

Nina Crocker opened the Talent portion of the show with a belly dance. Pamela Fisher recited a powerful, yet delicate rendition a Maya Angelou breakup poem. Elizabeth Rimando performed a lively Texan-style line dance in full cowboy attire. Rebecca Scherschell, a harpist on Frank Sinatra’s last tour, closed the Talent portion with an impressive solo.

“When I came to City of Irving 27 years ago, I was told that this would be one of my responsibilities,” Davenport said. “Like any other girl, I grew up watching Miss America, Miss Universe, that kind of thing, so I said ‘Okay, not too sure, but I have an idea!’” said Davenport. “I’ve sung all my life, and I’ve done Community Theater, so I did have some level of familiarity with performing, which helps me get people ready.”

“This is our 36th year of being in existence. The sole purpose is to spotlight senior women and to show they are still vital members of the community. They still contribute a lot. I think a lot of seniors feel kind of shoved aside as they get older. This is one way to say, ‘We are still here, we are still important, and we can share a thing or two with you.’”

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