April 20, 2017, 6:36 PM

My maturation process became more observable to me when I realized that I no longer burn bridges like I would have when I was younger. Maybe that's due to some young intellectual complex that deceives by trying to convince us that we can do life on our own. You live and you learn that we don't always have to entertain the "me against the world" mentality. There's much to be derived from the aforementioned mindset when it comes to finding inspiration and drive, but it comes at the cost of happiness. Losing too much of yourself to similar methods of thinking only leads to a desolate existence.

With an unforgettably amazing time at Oklahoma State coming to an end, I hope for the strength to see life with a bit more optimism in the oncoming chapter. It's often said that the world is what you make of it, so I'll try to make mine a little less cynical. My mind will never afford me the luxury associated with "ignorance is bliss," because I've always been a realist. Still, that doesn't mean that you need to put so much pressure on yourself to find what your next move is that you lose a happy, hopeful outlook on life.

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