Mail-In Voter Fraud Thoughts

I think the notion that mail-in voting will lead to election fraud is overblown. I was sympathetic to the point at first a few months ago, but then I researched it. It’s leaning-toward-conspiracy level stuff.

According to The Heritage Foundation, who claims to be the ”nation’s largest, most broadly-supported conservative research and educational institution,” there have been 1,290 proven instances of voter fraud and 1,113 criminal convictions in their research dating back to 1979. This year, there have been nine criminal convictions for voter fraud. Source:

So, what’s up with the conservative hullabaloo then? I agree theoretically that an increase in the amount of mail-in ballots could provide more opportunity for election fraud. Is that the issue? My problem with that is, mail-in fraud has always been possible on a smaller scale, and I find making a stink about relatively small numbers silly.

The numbers for election fraud are puny, and if you proportionally look at how many people are expected to vote via mail-in ballot, I’m not sure the Heritage Foundation numbers validate the outrage and concern. Not saying we shouldn’t pursue such cases in court and do all we can to fight fraud, but c’mon. What am I missing?

I find concerns over votes getting shipped in and out on time to be more reasonable. Also, as we could’ve always been doing, we should solve for fraud via voter identification checks. It’s absurd that people fight that point.

It isn’t oppressive to make people have government ID. I understand the concerns and hardships for illegal immigrants and those trying to become citizens, but requiring ID to vote is a simple concept. What am I missing here? The reality that there are so many illegal immigrants in this country? So what’s the solution? I’ve talked before about how the immigration process should be improved, or at least sped-up, but I don’t know anything of the subject matter, so I digress.

Also, maybe I’m mistaken, but there’s this silly conservative notion that most illegal immigrants are liberal. They aren’t. I feel like a lot of voices in the conservative arena push a narrative that illegal immigrants and immigrants overall only equal blue votes. I despise that notion, and if it is true, it wouldn’t be true if the conservative platform would get off their ass.

That’s not even a point about Trump because I don’t believe him to be racist at all, it’s just a comment about old-school Republicans and Democrats. Everybody knows the Republicans need to attract more minority voters. I find that funny because minorities I’ve met with are far more conservative than the national media and political narratives ever let on.

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