Lysol Injections for Cheap

🙄 I guess this kind of statement IS necessary when you live in a world where people died/got hurt by ingesting fish cleaner after Trump’s suggestion that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine might be potential treatments. Link:

The reaction to Trump’s statements on this are totally overblown. What hasn't been, however, is that he sounded silly up there. Even so, he didn't go out and tell people to inject Lysol or any other cleaning disinfectant. That's the media spinning it.

He was discussing ideas for solutions that are now apparently being studied - whatever that means, it's not like he came up with them😂 - such as UV light treatment. That ultimately led to his comments about how effective Lysol is externally, followed by how potentially injecting some kind of disinfectant might work 😂😂😂.

That was absurd, and Dr. Birx’s face was hilarious ( But let's get real, the medical side isn't his job and he was talking out of his ass. As for better choosing his words and whether or not he should still be offering medical advice, agreed and please see the end of the article, but he was only spitballing here.

Here's a good video of it: You be the judge. To me, it wasn't even bad; it just didn't sound intelligent at all😂. As for worrying about people dying.......... if you're that stupid, you're that stupid and there isn't any saving ya. People should be smart enough to know they shouldn’t be injecting Lysol?!

The UV light commentary was fine, but then he took a little ride to Idiotville with the disinfectant injection talk. Regardless, he even said, ”You’re going to have to use medical doctors, but it sounds interesting to me.”😂 What else do you want? If you act upon unsubstantiated musings from Trump in good faith, maybe you're the idiot.

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