Keith Ellison Joins the Democratic Party's Roster of Hypocritical Domestic Abusers

August 16 at 11:42 AM

Protecting women isn’t a priority when it comes to the Democratic Party’s agenda.

And Liberal criticisms of the Conservative patriarchy’s negative impact on female equality ring hollow when the Democratic elite repeatedly manipulate that same patriarchal hierarchy to protect beasts and brands alike, fooling women and leaving victims broken in the aftermath.

I operate under the firm belief that politics and Washington D.C. are a holy Mecca for corrupt individuals and I haven’t seen much over the past few years to make me feel differently. The established and obvious bias in the media only strengthens this sentiment.

The media remaining mum in regards to Keith Ellison, despite the building evidence, speaks volumes. We need to protect and stand up for our women viciously.

We should start by destroying every domestic abuser in politics, with complete disregard for how it impacts their career.

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