From Someone Who Has Written for the Black Press...

I know this is weeks after the public outroar, but I want to make a point about the Associated Press adopting the capitalization of “Black” as a journalistic standard.

I’ve seen a lot of the classic conspiratorial BS that seeks to find an answer rooted in racism. Really, that is just as bad as the woke Left.

I take issue with that because people on all sides have started chalking everything up to oppression and racism. Instead, why not identify the certain processes by which you get certain results within certain systems? Why not identify specifically where and how minorities are taken advantage of by specific institutions and industries, then work to fix them? I digress, but read this: Black Homeowners Face Discrimination in Appraisals.

My point: The reason behind the AP Stylebook adopting the practice of capitalizing “Black” has far more to do with adopting a standard than it does racism. “White” has never been capitalized within journalism, to my knowledge. Who’s to say if it should or shouldn’t be as equality-seeking racial practices evolve, but I’m just trying to share some facts.

So, why in the world is it racist when a practice gets adopted, subsequently resulting in the capitalization of a word?

If you’re that bothered, why not find a better answer? Is white the only color-based term used for race that isn’t capitalized? No. Furthermore, referring to other races strictly by color toes the line of insensitivity. Now, that apparently doesn't apply to the white and Black communities, of course. But hey, I’ll leave the logical inconsistency angle for another day – I’m probably missing some context there anyway.

I’m not sure what the answer is. I imagine white folks will end up getting the word capitalized because people can’t let the point die or contextually analyze anything. Whatever, but here’s my opinion.

This isn’t racism or reverse racism… It’s just that an industry giant, the Associated Press, adopted a Black AP Stylebook practice after years and years of not doing so.

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