Fresh Division

March 25, 2017. 6:01 PM

The political climate has been so divisive and I'm sick of it affecting the recognition of fulfilled promises. We know I'm pretty damn conservative but it's a ridiculous practice to only follow logic that's applicable to the party your parents led you into. That's not a backhanded comment because I wouldn't trade the life philosophies my parents imprinted on me for the world, but I'm just tired of people not questioning their ideological preconceptions. Life changes and so do people.

Trump has been smashing expectations but the hindrance is public opinion. I know his personality is trash, his lack of respect for women is gross, and he isn't a groomed politician. How could he be? He was immersed in the world of successful reality television for decades and we all know reality television is based off of misconception. I've seen very few come out of that niche with personal values unscathed.

298K jobs created in the first full month in office. Attention paid to the Flint water crisis. They say he doesn't care about the lower class, yet the actions he takes tend to contradict the MSM narrative being pushed. Anti-gay, pro-electrotherapy, and against individual liberties. Yeah, that's wrong. I'm sick of the boisterous claims because they are embellished libel. Let's come together... the reformation of America is bigger than political affiliations.

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