Food for Thought - Journal Entry #4

Can I talk some shit real quick?

How were so many people out there soooo confident in the claim that masks couldn't potentially help slow the spread of a flu-like/respiratory virus?😂

I can’t fathom that. It has been a questionable, head-turning take ever since earlier statements about it from the World Health Organization (WHO), CDC Global, and whoever else repeated such things.

If not, and maybe this is me misunderstanding science, but then why the hell have people been so worried about other people coughing around them? Learning opportunity here for me, so please feel free… Is that a proximity vs. airborne thing? I digress, although I’m pretty sure masks help slow the spread of germs in close proximity regardless.

So many people out there on social media complain about how we should only listen to the experts. I mean, that's great and all, but expertise is highly politicized, especially in this day and age. And all we seem to end up with is not enough questioning of these said “experts.” That, in my opinion, is being a sheep. Telling others to leave discussion to the experts is stupider than stupid. Bahhh, bahhhh, you’re a sheep.

I say something a lot, and have said it on Diving into Politics a time or two, about how stupid the entire “shut up and dribble” thing was. If people were only allowed to discuss and contribute to conversations related to their expertise, then none of us common folk would get to talk politics. Now, mind you I do understand the frustrations of getting preached to by elites, but that’s not the point currently.

You may not be an “expert” per say, but you can still be highly informed. God knows why people clutch the pearls that are their career and educational experience and thinks it makes them better than anyone else who’d like to discuss the subject matter. Go gloat about your grades and accomplishments to people in the library.

I’ll end with this. What did the government/medical expect to get out of shaming the public for buying masks due to shortages for medical staffs? Sounds like bullshit, and that the market should be able to provide enough masks for both medical staff and citizens.

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