Food for Thought - Journal Entry #3

How long before television ads are as personalized of an experience as advertising is within social media apps or internet browsers? I can wait because that’s going to suck, but such practices seem inevitable.

And yes, I know that kind of ad solution is probably already being used in the cable/t.v. space. What I’m surprised by is that the commercials I get aren’t more aligned with my internet profile, searches, etc.

This thought was inspired by an influx of Spectrum Business ads I've been getting on my home television ever since my buddy purchased a business line for us, which was about two weeks ago... That brings me to my next point.

Why do these bastards advertise so many things to me AFTER I've already purchased them? It seems like dollars wasted and that the money could be better allocated elsewhere, especially when so many people receive these post-purchase ads. I would love to hear more about that philosophy. Why do ads so commonly target the consumers that have already made a purchase/been won over?

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