Food for Thought - Journal Entry #2

Look, I understand people’s excitement about the right to vote, but it frustrates me when you try to put that on me. People pretend the outcome of you not voting will be something like the movie Swing Vote😂. For those that don't get the reference, here's a link:

Furthermore, abstaining from a vote IS a valid way to use your vote, in my opinion, and these are simply primaries. If I feel so called to vote this fall, I will. But I’m not going to pretend like I know enough to “just go vote,” or that the reason for my inactivity is thoughtlessness. I’m more thoughtful than most in this arena. Also, I’m not gonna let manipulative political commentary/media push me to think the Democrats stand a chance and that “my” party “needs me” to pull it out.

Nah, the DNC, from what I have seen, is a collective of manipulative idiots who don’t understand how their practices over the past four years have largely driven themselves into the ground. I knew Trump was going to win in 2016, as he will this year, yet people are still like, “Oh no!! You need to go show up as a Republican so we don’t get the greater evil!!!” Give me a break. And hell, living under a crazy liberal regime would make for great media/news coverage for me, so I’d live. Next, I don’t have a party, fools. I suggest you do the same because the most gung-ho political people tend to also be the most biased and naive. Generally, they’re painfully so. I’ve stopped faulting people for that, though, because they only know what they know or have considered. It’s my job to bring different ideas to their table.

With that said, I’ve got a question: why is the expectation for everybody to vote in primaries or at all when they aren’t knowledgeable about the content? Straight-ticket voters, man. If you examine ballots and still vote straight ticket because that’s simply what you agree with, I commend you, but most don’t. They default to one side of the aisle when the ballot questions become too dense or out of their realm of knowledge. Would it kill you to leave a box unchecked? On second thought, is that even allowed? Shame on me for not knowing.

Regardless, that’s not even my main point. Remember the scene in finding Nemo where Nemo and all the fish swim together toward the seafloor to break the fishing net, thus setting themselves free? That’s my thought process for much of our voting and political system. Destroy some of it to build anew. Need I really say more?

Less than 60% of America’s VAP (Voting Age Population) has shown up at the polling booth for each of the last four elections. Is that not indicative of an inefficient system that should be bettered, or in the least, changed severely?

Pictures to support those voting stats are attached. The last four elections have each made the top-26 elections all-time for lowest % of VAP turnout. Not including 1789 through 1824 where the data didn’t exist yet, the past four elections (by order of 2016, 2012, 2008, and 2004) have had the 4th, 11th, 15th, and 16th worst VAP turnout rates ever, respectively.

But tell me more about how I should get shepherded into my respective line to vote in a system that doesn’t even prioritize being a legal voter😂 Tell me more about how picking the lesser of two evils is so so so important when it comes to solving political issues. Most people like to ponder what a better day would look like, but I actually have the stones to talk and ideally take action about it.

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