Updated: Sep 12, 2018

March 19, 2018

The sheer power of love has always astonished me. It's possibly the strongest feeling experienced by humans. After getting to experience such a beautiful love, it's no wonder how artists since the dawn of time have been infatuated, inspired, and driven by it. Despite this, I've always been troubled by how fleeting love is. Love is so variable. It's so variable due to uncontrollable things like timing and the inevitable errors of human communication.

We often find a lack of consistency when comparing our experience with love and we are left having not only to deal with our personal pain, but often times we have to find the healing technique that works best for each of us individually. Love develops very slowly for some while rapidly building love is experienced by others, but I believe neither is right or wrong. Sadly, that train of thought also applies when love falls apart.

I've never understood the foolish disregard for a significant other that some people are capable of exhibiting during those times when love collapses. I suppose some people are deflecting while others can straight up convince themselves that they feel differently, but I've always worn my heart on my sleeve. I'd say that characteristic is a blessing and a curse, yet I can't imagine not being that way. You can probably make a case for hypocrisy because for someone who has so much to their personality that I don't let others see, you'd think my emotions would be more kept under wraps. But love doesn't just madly affect those of us who are very intact with their emotions; it affects everyone.

The coldest of hearts and the toughest of men still go home to someone who smashed their preconceptions and made them believe that love is real. I suppose that's another sad thing about love- many people's belief in it vanishes after the losing of it brings on pain with a magnitude so large that it rivals the most powerful happy feelings created by love. This leads to one of the worst feelings in life- the uncertainty associated with being alone.

I'll forever live believing that humans weren't made to be alone, no matter what the negative voice in my head whispers bluntly to me in confidence. Strong love is a beautiful sight that I believe rivals the most gorgeous sights found on Earth and it's all around us. But sometimes, that love we are so strongly craving and searching for sits enticingly just out of our reach... and completely out of our control.

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