Comedy and satire writing, insecurity in retrospect. Being enough, generally.

So... I’ve been dabbling with getting back into comedy and satire writing, or something Chris Jones-y, in the least.

I’m sure some of you can tell. In times of so much bullshit, I always appreciated the people and artists who provided the relief. What better time? Other than six months ago.


At the end of my time at OSU, after kind of losing my shit at the realization my MIS major wasn’t fulfilling to me at all, I did a brief stint as a satire writer for The Black Sheep.

Well, first, I got in bed with something more familiar as part of that New Year’s resolution – the New England Patriots beat team for Last Word On Sports.

Then, for what was almost no time at all, I wrote for The Black Sheep-OSU at the end of the spring semester. It was cheap, template-driven content, applied to whatever Stillwater topics and story ideas we came up with.

With that, outside of sports writing, I got my first taste of the content and content management worlds. I also got my first taste of satire.

And pretty quickly, I got my first taste of how being boxed-in as a writer felt

Alas, content is about the systems approach and broader impact, so I have learned. Humbug. Sometimes, I just wanna talk about how I feel. I know that’s selfish.

These thoughts are making me Segway, and that’s because it’s weird to look back on my life sometimes and realize how good-for-nothing anxiety mostly was. Memories are weird for me.

It’s almost as if anxiety makes me remember everything in more negative of a light than I should. Most of my memories, it seems, have been tainted by those anxious shadows.

The more I live and reflect back, though, the more I work out of that. It’s funny for me to look back on opportunities given me in business and as a writer, because I have to kind of beat into my head that people don’t remember me negatively. Positively sometimes, even? Nice!

I have to, in a very ass-backwards way, push myself to remember that I did okay, a great job, even, most times, for someone who‘d never written before. For someone period. I think that has taught me a lot; that I need to be kinder to myself in pursuit of my goals.

In that, business, writing, and life have become more freeing than they ever have been for me. For some reason, I was always looking to feel freed by writing, to have that come from writing itself, and not elsewhere. It’s interesting how you come together as an artist when you take care of yourself as a person. Just don’t let yourself forget about the maintenance.

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