Clutching pearls over the Confederate flag... Why?

Serious conversation. What's up with people clutching pearls over their right to don the Confederate flag?

Of course, I’m not talking about having the literal right. Y’all see what I say on social media, so I figure most of you know my thoughts on the right to free speech.

What I mean is, how could such a short-lived flag mean so much to people when supporting slavery is so central to what the flag represents?

Having fond memories associated with the flag because of pop culture or family is one thing... Not understanding what the flag stands for is another thing entirely.

I don't see how this becomes an argument based on free speech and being proud of heritage. And regardless, most of the people I’ve seen use it in my lifetime did so in an attempt to look more southern, in an edgy sort of way.

Is it that certain people had family die fighting for the Confederacy, and they just can’t let it go? Is it that the Confederate flag was originally stolen away from a good cause by racists? (Lol).

Maybe I’m mistaken. What am I missing?

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