Cat-toy voters, same ol’ media story, ego. Comms down due to pride, the Human Experiment be damned.

It’s interesting having become observant enough of our media to realize which moments will dictate national dialogue over the coming days, weeks, and months. To have learned what to expect.

American voters are the toy mouse batted back in forth between two cats. Except there are far more than two cats – cats in this shitty metaphor of mine initially meaning “parties.” With that, it’s not just the parties, and our media is the vicious clowder.


Here's your definition, you filthy animals. Click the image for the original story.

A media clowder, to which I found the following image fitting.

Okay okay, enough.

It has come to the point where I see it in everything media – social and traditional. It’s lame. You can feel what’s coming.

Grand narratives come out, the first narrative generally doesn’t pan out, counter-narratives arise, and then inaccurate discourse, much of which still takes the first narrative as true, ensues regardless.

It’s funny yet sad, really, because it’s indicative of what human communication can devolve into — different interpretations for different Homo sapiens. Please pretend I didn’t just write that; it popped into my head, and I had to.

But it’s funny, isn’t it?

Within life and interacting and dating, human interaction brings so much disagreement while we forget that all we are, as individuals, is a sum of experiences that can never be replicated. It’s a wonder and beautiful that we can communicate with each other at all. There’s always so much in the way.

I could generally be better informed, but I don’t watch any live news, because I hate watching such scripted material. I never did like reality TV. And even so? I live in this uncomfortable in-between that’s still very up-to-date on the headlines, regardless of whether I “tune in” or not. I know a lot of us do. The rat race calls. How come it always calls for insensitivity and closed ears?

Billions of differing personal narratives boiling over into not enough representative sects of tribalism.

Everything you see on the internet is of the same coin. At what point ever does the human experiment not fail on account of pride over ideology? Many would call that weakness.

I‘d offer the rebuttal that compassionate men have killed and will kill for what they believe in. Within that, I suppose, is the truth that people operate by their black-and-white. Whatever framework gets them by.

Who can blame them; that’s the easiest way to operate. Structure. But even so, humanity is so young, and we think we have it all figured out. Sheesh. We haven’t even figured out how to get along.

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