Calvin and Hobbes

I'm not really a comic book person in the traditional sense, but I've loved Calvin and Hobbes ever since first finding the books at my grandparents’ house back in the early 2000s.

Something I’ve noticed between many of the comics I like, most of which are e-comic strips considering my late introduction to comics other than C&H, is that they offer intelligent, quirky views of the world. Maybe that’s dumb to point out because every comic has their personality, and that’s the entire point.

But that’s super cool when you find the stories you like. Not every character is as well done or exciting as the Deadpool’s of the comic world per se (just picked a random strip that has been suggested to me, so bear with me on the random reference), so I’ve always appreciated interesting characters and ultimately POV’s from comic artists.

What’s funny is that I never really thought about how you could write and share your message in that format until this past year as I started to follow more political comics. And that’s despite having covered a comic book convention for a news article a couple of years ago. I suppose that definitely had some impact on me, though, because after that article, I started drawing and branching out into internet comics.

For me, with Calvin and Hobbes, it was also about knowledge. It was fun to feel smart upon understanding some pretty elaborate points-made by Bill Watterson and Co. Who thought a comic would be the place you’d have your beliefs and thoughts about the world tested? I always found Bill amazing for that.

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