Bezos Mania - How Dare He Be Rich?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

*Akon voice* ”How could you be so evillll?”
Evil Jeff Bezos. *Akon voice* ”How could you be so evillll?”

The dialogue surrounding Jeff Bezos’ journey to becoming a trillionaire has been hilarious. It’s very amusing how so many think it's the rich‘s responsibility to save the classes beneath them. Especially when they provide employment and services at the level Bezos does.

I understand that the elite class’ stranglehold on money is frustrating. But people might want to pay a little mind to reality instead of bitching about amassed wealth and then acting like they’re owed some of it.

Granted, that’s not me saying that we shouldn’t tax the MF. Not that I’m familiar at all with the specifics of that conversation, but I figure Amazon might just be able to afford it.

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