Author Kathy Lyons’s Visit Brings Romance to Life

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Photo by: Matt Hirst

The West Irving Library hosted an author visit for USA TODAY award-winning and bestselling novelist, Kathy Lyons, and her darker alter ego, Jade Lee, on Tuesday, May 15. Lyons’ rise to fame was built within the genres of romance and erotica, where she has amassed numerous nominations and industry awards as a novelist and screenwriter, such as the Prism Best of the Best and Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice. Lyons has written for Harlequin publishing since first stepping into the industry and is a current member of Romance Writers of America and Novelist, Inc.

Lyons spoke on her on how her love for story-telling began.

“As a young child, my mother said I lied a lot. I said I was dramatic, and I made dramatic embellishments to life because life needed them,” Lyons said. “I really loved English class. I was going to be a great, American screenwriter, bringing fantasy to the silver screen.

Before finding the online book publishing company Harlequin, Lyons struggled trying to break into the book business.

“When I started writing, I wrote a lot before I broke in. At that time, it used to be like seven to ten books before you could break in with a publisher. But, when I started trying to break in, that number was getting bigger and bigger, because the Internet didn’t exist yet. At that time, self-publishing didn’t really exist.

“The internet has changed everything. Nowadays, anyone can sit down and create a certain amount of words, call it a book, and publish it on the Internet, pick a price; and honestly, that is awesome,” Lyons said. “There are moments in every book I write where I go, ‘okay, I don’t know if anyone else will enjoy this, but I certainly do.’

“I had an editor tell me this book is just pure fun, and I was like, ‘great, are you going to buy it?’ And she said no, I can’t.’ Because that’s the type of book that on the Internet, ten people will buy and I’ll be happy, because I enjoyed writing it, but a publishing house has things like the bottom line and overhead.”

Fans were invited to peruse a display of Lyon’s purchasable content and enjoy the snack bar, while being invited to ask the author to sign their books.

Lyons talked about her about her latest books in two of her series, Grizzlies Gone Wild and The Locker Room Diaries during the event.

“There’s always a happy ending,” said Carla Morgan, a supporter of the romantic genre and Kathy Lyons’ darker half, Jade Lee. “It is a requirement in a romance novel that there be a happy ending.”

Lyons has penned over 30 romance novels, utilizing a writing approach that has afforded her consistently enticing material and strong fan support. Her latest book, ‘The Player Next Door,’ is set for release July 21.

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