Age Limits and Old Candidates

Would age limits for public office be unfair? I mean, we do it on the lower end.

I probably didn’t believe it at the time and was just taking a position for the assignment, but I remember writing something in middle school English about whether or not seniors should have to retake the driving test.

I said yes, solely for the health and subsequent safety reasons. That would be the same deal here.

I know that might be emasculating or disempowering for some older folks, but you know, it’s not personal, though I know it would be for many of these money-sucking political leeches. But back to my point – the nature of life is to deteriorate, and that probably shouldn’t be ignored on account of ego or politics.

Add the exponentially-increasing risk of mental health issues? I mean, come on. Also, hmmmm, how come politicians don’t have to retire when citizens are generally expected to?

Yet, here we are with two really old Presidential candidates, both with waning health whose combined age is 151 years old. I can’t help but think of the human issue here and what happens when people are pushed well beyond retirement age, whether that’s in terms of health or efficiency. Just look at Obama and younger Bush’s before and afters...

Obama was elected President at 47 and got out at 55; Dubya got in at 54 and out at 62. That’s some exponential aging.

I’ll leave the human issue alone for what I think is a better point – efficiency. I think these candidates are out of touch. They’re generally close enough thanks to wit, party politics, and the monstrous teams behind them that help relate to the American people.

But they themselves are out of touch with a lot of American voters and what they ultimately care about. Or maybe that’s just the conventions. Or maybe that’s just me.

It’s interesting, though, because the last few presidents before Trump were trending younger. Here are some images to accompany those thoughts, both of which are from

Image 2 - Table showing age statistics, specifically “Age at start of presidency” and “Age at end of presidency,” back through Roosevelt.

Image 3 - “Age of presidents when assuming office approximately follows a bell curve.”

The veil for both Trump and Biden constantly slip, and they say silly, crude, often-enough bad, occasionally racist shit on TV without even realizing the mistake. Not that I personally think a lot of it is bad, but how in touch can they really be when they don’t even know what should or shouldn’t make TV and other public forums?

This country is more “woke” than ever, yet our two options for President don’t really represent that at all. I find that funny. What’s even funnier, is that’s probably a good thing.

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