A ramble about note-taking, saving old writing, and finding your way

I feel writing and note-taking on paper is a waste, other than how writing physically feels good. It’s nice to get away from screens sometimes, but there’s always a screen of some sort around when I’m scribbling notes anyway.

I need to digitize things and better streamline my notes into formats I can easily tap into and pull from later.

That would make finding things much easier than just scouring notebooks and random Windows files without some table of contents. Thank you, CTRL+F, I guess, but that’s not robust enough to search files without having them open. I would love to be wrong there in that somewhere this exists. It makes me think of Silicon Valley and what Pied Piper was doing with compression. Cool stuff.

I want to do this with my own journaling, too – digitally save it all. After all, that’s the point of my blog and social media. It’s not for vanity and likes (LOL). It’s about having the places where I can save and then later search for things I once made or wrote but may never find.

It’s to be able to look back and see how far I’ve come, and ideally, when I find success, it can inspire others. With that, it’s crucial to download your entire history per each platform periodically. Your content isn’t quite safe there.

Okay, back to lost writing. Writing is funny in that way. I’ve written things I could never write again, then just lost them. That’s a bummer.

Because they never really leave you, the messages and feelings you were trying to convey. But that’s how it goes, even before you’ve ever written on the “thing.“ At least for me.

You struggle with the messages you want to share for years, or however long it takes, until you either finally find the words or decide just to start anew. Sometimes, you just give up.

But hey, that’s not entirely discouraging. Or at least it doesn’t have to be. You never know when the right setting for the perfect line or story you’ve had waiting could come up. Sometimes I’m writing a song or poetry, and a sentence or fragment I came up with years ago fits perfectly.

How does that work? I have no clue. Perhaps by trusting in how things generally sort themselves out. But you have to believe in yourself for those things to happen.

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