Welcome to my About Me section!

"Let me learn ya a lil' 'bout myself" - in the best

Texan accent (fake, for the record) I can muster

Hollllllly shiiiiiit has a lot of the below changed. I, as of October 2nd, am leaving this note. Just go look at my LinkedIn or something until I come and rewrite this.


Realizing my deeper passion for writing late in college, I've worked ever since to lay the foundation for a potential career.  By doing so, I've ended up with pretty unique experience, a trend seen often throughout my life. I made this site to showcase that experience and share some of my journey along the way.


In searching for my next style of journalism to study after college, I first found a spot as a Freelance Reporter for Rambler Newspapers in Irving, where I started April, 2018.  Since then, I've done much other writing, but that's just the tip of the iceberg, especially going forward.  Take a look through my tabs above to explore the various things I'm involved in currently.

I graduated from Oklahoma State University in May 2017, where I majored in Management Information Systems with a specialization in Information Assurance.


By day, using that degree, I'm a Catalog Analyst for FleetPride in Las Colinas (Irving). Here, I work in inventory product database management for our new e-Catalog systems, as part of a trendsetting effort for FleetPride and the Heavy Duty aftermarket redistribution industry.


But by night/lunch breaks/twilight, I do much more. 


Most of that time is spent writing, be it news or online. Most recently, I started an editorial internship with Rate My College Coaches, a site created to help college athletes navigate the rough waters that are recruitment. Beyond that, I do some freelance reporting for The Dallas Examiner, as well as website making and podcasting on the side.

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I had the opportunity to spend a large portion of my youth living overseas before my family relocated to Dallas in 2007. I was born in Pattaya, Thailand, before my family moved back to Irving, Texas, for a little less than a year. From here, we would go on to live in Tianjin, China, before relocating to Bahrain in 1999 until 2007.


For more about me (there's some cool stuff, I promise!), check out my LinkedIn.