Welcome to my About Me section!

"Let me learn ya a lil' 'bout myself" - in the best

Texan accent (fake, for the record) I can muster

Realizing my deeper passion for writing late in college, I've worked ever since to lay the foundation for a potential career.  By doing so, I've ended up with pretty unique experience, a trend seen often throughout my life. I made this site to showcase that experience and share some of my more personal writings while recording my journey along the way.


In searching for my next style of journalism to study after college, I found a spot as a Freelance Reporter for Rambler Newspapers in Irving, where I started last April.  Although that has been the majority of my recent writing, that's just the tip of the iceberg, especially going forward.  Take a look through my tabs above to explore the various things I'm involved in currently.

I graduated from Oklahoma State University in May 2017, where I majored in Management Information Systems with a specialization in Information Assurance.


By day, using that degree, I'm a Catalog Analyst for FleetPride in Las Colinas (Irving). Here, I work in inventory product database management for our new e-Catalog systems, as part of a trendsetting effort for FleetPride and the Heavy Duty aftermarket redistribution industry.


But by night/lunch breaks/twilight, I do much more. 


Most recently, I started freelance reporting for the Dallas Examiner and secured a Contributing Writer spot with Pro Golf Now.

I had the opportunity to spend a large portion of my youth living overseas before my family relocated to Dallas in 2007. I was born in Pattaya, Thailand, before my family moved back to Irving, Texas, for a little less than a year. From here, we would go on to live in Tianjin, China, before relocating to Bahrain in 1999 until 2007.


For more about me (there's some cool stuff, I promise!), check out my LinkedIn.